Here's a "very small" selection showing some of the varied projects I've worked on over the years.

Other Projects

See how I built and painted a 1:1 scale Boushh Helmet, including the leather work and fitting the visors.

Boushh Helmet

See how I sculpted a Spartan Helmet from wet clay, as seen in the movie "300".

Spartan Helmet

See how I put together a life size Yoda, complete with walking stick and detailed display base.


See how built and painted a Slave I, plastic model kit from 'Fine Molds'.

Slave I

See how I painted and weathered a life size Arnold Schwarzenegger face cast, as seen in the movie "Terminator 2".

Terminator Face

See how I built and painted a Snowspeeder plastic model kit, as seen in the "Empire Strikes Back".


See how I sculpted my Jango Fett Knee Armour.

Jango Knee Armour