My plan was never to be a huge company, mass-producing fancy dress costumes. I was always more interested in accuracy and quality. To this day, bobamaker is all about QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY.

I've been trading as bobamaker for well over a decade, helped by my very talented Wife who is responsible for making all the soft props, she also wraps and packs everything before it's shipped.

My fascination with special effects and movie props tempted me to build my own life-size Boba Fett costume. This turned out to be a very successful venture, leading to me producing a few props for other Boba Fett fans. It wasn't long before I was spending most of my free time making Boba Fett props, After careful thought, I decided to leave my design career and take up a full time position making props.

Having achieved my Diploma in Graphic Design with merits in photography and 3D design I then went on to work as a full time graphic designer, and later, managing a busy design studio.

Outside of work, I spent a lot of my spare time playing keyboards in a band touring the UK. I also get very involved with Martial Arts for many years. I studied Shotokan Karate, Lau Gar Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun Kung Fu. Martial Arts still plays an important role in my life.

A bit about me...