This "Movie Sized" fibreglass helmet has the t-visor area and keyslots removed and is finished with a coat of grey primer, all ready to paint.

All the resin pieces are sanded smooth and finished with a coat of grey primer, ready for you to paint. The interior of the helmet has a smooth, grey gelcoat lining. This kit is suitable for both ESB and ROTJ versions.

The helmet can also be supplied with the dent filled for custom Mandalorian helmets.

Boba Fett Helmet Kit

I can supply any of my props fully painted, weathered and ready to wear.

I've invested many years of research into every aspect of the original costumes, from the materials used, right down to the brand of paints and weathering techniques.

All this information, plus many years experience, sculpting, moulding and painstakingly creating every detail, you'll be proud to wear or display your props for many years.

When asking for a quote, please include the following info:

Want it Painted?

Ready to Paint

The assembled Kit

The Helmet Kit includes:

Aluminium Stalk


Which Props you want

Painted or Plain


Shipping Destination